With over 20 years full-time experience, AOV Productions defines quality as a wedding video that captures the day of your dreams in all its drama and beauty.  This takes not only experience and a special touch, but also the best equipment.  Our state-of-the-art equipment is unmatched.  Our cameras will catch your dreams in vivid color.


Excellence in wedding videography takes the sensitive eye of a true video artist.  At AOV Productions, we take pride in seeing with our hearts and capturing the details that a mere video technologist may not even see.  We also define excellence as giving you what you want.  We treat each wedding as if our entire reputation depended on this one video.  We want you to be thrilled each time you watch it.


AOV Productions has done wedding videos in hundreds of churches, temples and halls throughout the area.  We know the best angles to shoot.  We know the sensitivities of some clergy regarding placement of cameras and have cultivated wonderful relationships with most.  This reliability has earned us an impeccable reputation, both with brides and the top wedding professionals in town.  You can trust us!